Tuesday, June 17, 2008

run the setup wizard on Blackberries

I'm still not a Blackberry guy, but . . .

In this particular case, I'm setting up a T-Mobile BB Curve (BB 8300). There is no Enterprise Activation icon. So I troubleshoot and find this:

The tips listed below are items that will help you if you have received an error message while attempting an Enterprise Activation or if you are unable to find the Enterprise Activation option.

  • If this device is a "re-activated" device, check the software version. You can do this by going to Options (the wrench), then choosing About. The software version must be at least v4.0 or 2.7 (Java & C++ devices respectively). If your software does not meet this standard, you must upgrade it. The software is device specific and is generally provided by the wireless carriers support pages.
  • New devices and re-activated devices all need data service, this data service generally accompanies a phone service (even if the phone portion isn't going to be used). You must always be sure to activate your phone with your wireless carrier. Most carriers have some type of activation process you will need to follow. An example would be Verizon, who requires that you dial *228 and follow the prompts to program your new phone.
  • Registering on the data network is the next step. You can do this by going to Options > Host Routing Tables, then clicking in on the scroll to receive a side menu that will give you the option of "Register Now". Choose this option by clicking on the scroll, and when the registration is complete you will receive a message in your Messages folder that will indicate that it is finished.
  • Check with your wireless carrier to ensure that you have applied the correct data package to your device. A good example of this type of situation is T-Mobile, who requires a special Enterprise Package which enables you to use a Blackberry Enterprise Server.
In addition, as per some other troubleshooting I did on a BB 8800, you really should run the setup wizard on on your BB's home screen. Most of it is meaningless, but the last step asks if you are going to run enterprise activation. For this 8300, I told it I wanted to use Ent. Act. and it gave me the appropriate screen. However, it didn't work. Perhaps that's becuase right before that, I followed a step from the list above and called T-Mobile to request the Enterprise package for this device, and they said it would be active 10 minutes to 48 hours from that point.

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