Monday, May 20, 2013

exporting mailboxes to PST on Exchange 2010

I went through the very good instructions here to export an Exchange 2010 mailbox to PST:

But I kept getting errors when doing the mailbox export request.  I didn't track the error, but I'm about 90% sure that the error was related to the file path I was exporting to.  I was attempting to export to a file path of "\\servername\e$\filepath\username.pst"

Once I changed the export path to \\servername\sharename\username.pst - the export succeeded.

Stupid, but something to remember.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

new user setup (new version as of 5/1/13)

These are generic steps for setting up a new user.  These steps assume that the laptop is set up as needed as per the steps listed computer setup here:

Steps for new user setup (to be followed in order):

  1. create user account (and if necessary, mail account if done separately)
  2. adjust user profile script
  3. if needed, configure home folder and backup folder in ADUC
  4. add to appropriate security groups in ADUC
  5. put user on appropriate distribution lists
  6. log into computer as user
  7. confirm drives mapped correctly
  8. set up Outlook
  9. disable email archiving (if not already disabled)
  10. add Bcc to view when composing new message
  11. configure user to see any shared calendars and/or contacts lists
  12. set up printers or confirm printers mapped correctly
  13. make sure user has appropriate local permissions on computer (admin or standard/restricted)
  14. make sure laptop is configured from Microsoft updates
  15. install all applicable updates for Office and Windows
  16. confirm antivirus is up to date
  17. configure default printer based on nearest applicable printer
  18. make sure VPN icon is on desktop and connect to VPN one time with the user's name and password
  19. add terminal server icon to desktop, if applicable
  20. configure backup to appropriate backup folder
  21. add off-site backup program if applicable (Backblaze, ibackup, etc)
  22. Install Google Chrome and set it as the default browser
  23. Add company specific IM program (Google Talk, Skype)
  24. make sure computer is added appropriately in inventory spreadsheet
  25. Add user to address book on company scan to email copier (if applicable)
  26. Alter user's name on phone (if applicable)
  27. Alter extension's voicemail to email properties (if applicable)
  28. Make sure the user's phone is not forwarding to another person
  29. Configure user's mobile broadband card
  30. leave intro sheet for new user
  31. set up desk as needed (keyboard, mouse, monitor, docking station, leave extra power cord for travel)
  32. put computer in appropriate location for organization (for some organizations, this means in a locked server room)