Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Necessary steps in setting up a new computer

new computer setup

1) install drivers (if reformatting)
2) uninstall unnecessary programs (primarily Bing toolbar, pre-installed AV, pre-installed Office trials)
3) configure for Microsoft updates and install updates
4) connect to domain, naming computer appropriately
5) install Office
6) install updates again
7) install AV
8) configure Outlook
9) configure Outlook archiving
10) configure backup
11) set up printers
12) install miscellaneous programs - PDF995, WWAN software, Acrobat Reader/writer, NitroPDF
13) configure computer so that domain users are a member of the local administrators group
14) add/remove appropriate icons from desktop
15) copy data as necessary from previous computer - desktop, my docs, bookmarks, Outlook Address book
16) set up VPN
17) enable necessary remote access - TightVNC, remote desktop, Bomgar jumpoint, etc
18) install applicable IM client (Skype, Google Talk, etc)
19) if possible, disable WLAN card when wired connection is detected (definitely available for Dell branded WLAN cards)

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