Thursday, February 25, 2010

using an SBS 2003 box after a 2008 migration

Typically, you wouldn't use your SBS 2003 box after you've done an SBS 2008 migration. In my most recent upgrade, I did need to use it. I had Filemaker Pro 9 on the SBS 2003 box, which apparently can't be installed on 64 bit Server 2008. As part of the 2008 migration, I took the SBS 2003 box out of the domain and put it in a workgroup and demoted it to a member server. Not being in the domain wasn't a big deal - Filemaker didn't need to be in the domain - the clients just needed to see the server over TCP/IP. However, the server kept shutting down every two hours or so saying that the server needed to be a domain controller. The easy solution was to put the server in a new domain and run dcpromo. Problem solved.

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