Tuesday, April 20, 2010

steps on recreating a corrupt profile

When you've got a corrupt profile, often the only thing you can do is recreate it. I've found myself recreating a profile about once a month for this damn x2upbf.dll problem. Anyway, here's a basic list of steps so that you don't miss anything when doing it.

steps for rebuilding a profile

1) take note of: 1) default printer, 2) default browser, 3) any additional mailboxes configured in Outlook
2) reboot
3) log in as administrator
4) rename profile (change c:\users\%username% to c:\users\%username%.old) in profiles folder and alter registry if Vista or 7 (registry change instructions)
5) reboot (if Vista or 7)
6) log in as user
7) set up Outlook (and archiving as applicable)
8) move back data from old profile to new profile:
a) desktop
b) documents
c) favorites
d) Outlook NK2 file
e) Outlook archives (if applicable)
f) restore Firefox bookmarks from bookmarkbackups - if applicable
g) Chrome data from c:\users\username.old\appdata\local\google\chrome\user data\default
9) set up backup
10) set up VPN
11) add Bcc to new Outlook messages
12) make sure VPN exists
13) add back signature using old sent items
14) add printers (if necessary) and set correct default printer

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