Monday, September 13, 2010

normal.dotm - file is in use by another application or user

I found a user with this normal.dotm error on a Windows 7 laptop with Office 2007:

I could temporarily fix the problem by deleting normal.dotm (after closing all Word and Outlook windows) since Word would recreate the file on the next opening - but that was only a temporary fix. After looking through some things and this page:
I felt that it was a Skype or other add-in that was causing the error. I found this - which I was only able to delete when logged in as admin (not the user even though she was a local admin on that computer).

Unchecking Skype4Word seems to have fixed the problem.


David said...

Thanks Dave, the last option in the microsoft link you gave solved my problem. The problem caused by send to bluetooth plugin.

mark said...

Yep, same for me. Disabling the bluetooth plugin fixed the problem.


Ben A said...

Concur: Bluetooth is a culprit (Lenovo Thinkpad).

For Word 2010 users, the link is out of date: navigate thus:

File > Options > Add-Ins > Manage: COM Add-ins > Go... > [uncheck the offender] > Ok.

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