Sunday, September 11, 2011

Default SBS login page and Outlook Anywhere not working on SBS box

The other night, I installed some updates on an SBS 2008 server and rebooted it. In the morning, no users could connect to Outlook via RPC over HTTP (Outlook Anywhere). In the end, I found that the binding had changed on some virtual web sites in IIS and some built in SBS web sites were broken.

I found that the default web site was bound to 443 which made the SBS web applications web site appear as stopped. This is what the default web site binding should look like:

I found that two of these sites said "offline"

And this is what the bindings on SBS Web Applications should look like:

I adjusted the bindings, and then I was ready to go. I have no earthly idea why the bindings changed. It wasn't the updates. They were standard Windows updates. So odd.

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