Saturday, September 10, 2011

resetting a DRAC card

On a PowerEdge R710, I had a DRAC card acting erratically. From the machine itself, I would enter the DRAC's IP address, and it wouldn't connect. I couldn't ping it - so odd.

From another machine on the network, I was able to get to the DRAC login page, but I would log in - and then all the tabs and buttons would say "undefined" for about a second and then it would log me out. Then I'd try to log in and it would tell me "the maximum number of user sessions is reached."

Basically, the DRAC was unusable at the worst possible time. I reset the DRAC card to factory defaults to fix it. I'd like to uprgade the firmware, but it fails each time. That's a separate troubleshoot I'll do.

Do this on the sever with the DRAC on it:

1) Make sure you have the "Dell Openmanage Server Administrator" installed
2) run "racadm.exe racresetcfg" from an elevated command prompt
3) open up the Dell OpenManage Server Administrator, go to system -> main system chassis -> remote access and change the the IP address for the DRAC from its default setting of to whatever you want. Also edit the user credentials as well for whatever you need.

I pulled this info from this page:

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