Monday, March 18, 2013

Fixing Unifi errors on 64 bit systems

I've become a big fan of Ubiquity Unifi wireless devices (with the exception of the absurd fact that their standard devices support wireless speeds of 300 Mbps but only put in a 100 Mbps ethernet port - real genius there).

If installing the controller software on a 64 bit machine, I found these tips to help the Unifi controller work better from their forums:

If you are getting an error when double-clicking the shortcut saying that the that the javaw.exe executable cannot be found -- then -- be advised the default installation on the 64 bit platform creates the shortcut incorrectly. Repoint the shortcut from ..\system32\.. to ..\sysWOW64\..

Or if the controller tries to start and then can't, complaining about port 8080 being in use, first simply try logging off as that user and logging right back in (do not reboot).

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