Tuesday, June 4, 2013

putting text screen saver with specified text on all machines via group policy

A client asked me to put a text based screen saver on all domain computers.  I did this through Group Policy Management.

Creating the group policy to enable the screen saver was easy.  Interestingly, the personalization option did not exist on my Windows 2008 R1 SP 2 server, so I had to make the changes in on my Server 2012 DC.  The changes to initiate the screen saver were here:

user config> admin templates> control Panel/personalization

This was easy, but what it didn't do was set the text.  I found the best way to set the text was via forcing a registry change on each machine that I could push down via group policy (creating a .reg file that is applied on login).

I applied the registry change using the "easy way" as described here:

And then I created the .reg file more or less using these instructions: http://www.winhelponline.com/articles/11/1/Customizing-the-SSText3D-screensaver-before-applying-it-to-the-Logon-desktop.html

I made the changes on my own machine and exported the appropriate registry hive (not a single key - but the entire hive of:

And that did it.

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