Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Using CUPS to configure Mac printers to default to black and white printing

Below is the video that a copier vendor sent me on setting up CUPS to configure print drivers to print in black and white on Macs.  I've had success setting this up on Canon and Xerox printers, but I've found that the option isn't present on Konica Minolta copiers.

Also located here:


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

information to gather when taking over support for another client

This is an ongoing list of things that one should get when taking over IT support of a client (if you can get it):

admin credentials for a domain admin account
login credentials for the router/firewall
Tech Soup login info (if applicable)
Volume licensing information from Microsoft, Symantec, or other vendors as applicable
Account number for ISP
Account number for phone carrier (if supporting phones)
Contact info for phone vendor (if supporting phones)
login credentials for registrar
login credentials for any and all DNS nameservers