Friday, January 2, 2015

Clone with Clonezilla experience

I used Clonezilla to clone my first hard drive the other day.  I was upgrading a 128 GB hard drive in a Dell XPS 13 to a 512 GB hard drive.  I used Tuxboot to download and install Clonezilla to a flash drive (using the i686 pae Clonezilla download version).  Basically, I did this:

plug in nothing but the flash drive to the existing laptop and boot to that device
After the computer boots to the flash drive, plug in the second drive that you are cloning to (typically with some kind of USB to SATA or USB to mSATA adapter)
Choose Clonezilla Live (default settings)
Choose English
Choose Don't touch keymap
Choose Start Clonezilla
Choose device-device (to clone directly from one drive to another instead of using an image as an intermediary)
Choose the source drive
Choose the destination drive
Let it run.
It'll take somewhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the quantity of data.

In the case of this Dell computer, the clone worked great and once i put the new drive in, the computer booted up normally.  This is in contrast to a Toshiba Portege Z30a-1301 that would give a BSOD on every bootup.  For the Toshiba, even though I followed the exact same steps that worked with this Dell, I had to do things differently.  After failure after failure, I ended up building Windows from scratch using a Windows 7 volume license.

The catch at the of the clone was that the C drive was only 128 GB.  I had 300+ GB in unallocated space.  And I couldn't merge the 128 GB partition with the unallocated space because there were other partitions physically located between the 128 GB partition and the unallocated space.

Here's how I fixed that . . .

The drive looked similar to this where the C drive was not right next to the unused space:

I downloaded and installed Mini Partition Wizard 9.1 from here.

The goal is to move the 449 MB partition to the end of the disk so that the unallocated space is right next to the C drive.  I clicked on the 449 MB partition and chose move/resize:

I dragged the slider all the way to the right.

I hit OK and then applied the changes.  Afterward, the 449 MB partition was at the end and the unallocated space was right next to the C drive:

I right clicked on the C drive and extended the volume and was able to get the C drive the full size I wanted.

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