Friday, July 17, 2015

Installing a Netgear 341U Sprint Mobile Broadband Card on a Mac

I've had some trouble getting a Netgear 341U to install on a Mac.  Here's what I've found to work and also what you're looking for.

The proper Netgear 341U setup shows WWAN LTE as an option as a network to connect.  When the Netgear 341U is plugged in, the WWAN LTE will show as connected.

I've let the drivers install when you first plug the card in, but this did not work for me.  Somehow, they just didn't show the WWAN LTE connection.  The solution seems to be go to Sprint's site and download the drivers from there with the card plugged in.  Download the drivers.  Install the drivers and reboot - all with the card still plugged in.

Drivers located here:

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guyinsb said...

I can not get the 341U to work with my El Capitan MacBook Air.

First I ran /Library / Application Support / Netgear / Uninstall Drivers;
that removed (I hope) the drivers that came with (and on) the card.
System Preferences - > Network did not show WWAN LTE at that point.

I downloaded the NetgearDrivers 2.5.0.mpkg file from the Netgear web site,
and double clicked to install (with the 341U inserted into a USB slot).
The rebooted. System Preferences - > Network now shows WWAN LTE, but is has a self-assigned IP address; I can not connect via to the 341U Device Manager. Screen shots accessible from public info.

Caveat: I got the 341U from Freedom Pop. But the Sprint drivers are still needed to access and configure the card, I believe.