Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Set up for a new Mac on a PC network as of 7/15/15

  1. Boot up laptop and log in as admin and create a local password with the domain admin password
  2. Install all applicable Apple updates and make sure the system is on the latest OS and OS patch
  3. Create new user as local administrator that matches (though doesn't necessarily need to match) the user's login name on the Windows domain with matching domain password
  4. Log out and log in as user
  5. Install newest applicable version of MS Office
  6. Set up VPN
  7. Set up all applicable printers
  8. Install applicable antivirus
  9. Set up network drives
  10. Test VPN and ability to access network drives over VPN
  11. Configure Outlook and let email download completely
  12. Configure any applicable broadband card
  13. Add VNC/screen sharing password
  14. Add serial number and computer specs to inventory spreadsheet

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