Friday, February 24, 2017

Computer swap process - revised 2-24-17

This post will go over all the items we look at when putting in a new computer for an existing user (for example - an employee is getting a new laptop and needs his/her data transferred).  This process doesn't cover installation of programs (assumes this has already been done), but it will ask you to check on important installations.

  1. Change the name of the computer as required (putting initials for the user in the computer name)
  2. Install all applicable updates (for Windows and Office)
  3. Copy data from old computer to new computer using robocopy script
  4. Move data to appropriate locations (desktop data to desktop, music to music folder, etc)
  5. Ensure all applicable programs are installed/configured including (but not limited to):
    a. AP StyleGuard
    b. Adobe Acrobat Standard/Reader
    c. NitroPDF
    d. MS Project
    e. MS Visio
    f. TightVNC
    g. Skype
    h. Google Talk
    i. QuickBooks
    j. Malwarebytes
    k. Java
    l. FileMaker
    m. Backblaze (or other backup program)
    n. Great Plains and/or Management Reporter
  6. Make sure Outlook is configured as appropriate
  7. Confirm antivirus is installed and up to date
  8. Confirm shared calendars are in place
  9. Confirm printers are installed with appropriate printer set as default
  10. Confirm VPN is in place with saved credentials
  11. Confirm new user has appropriate permissions on computer (local admin or standard user)
  12. Put appropriate icons for frequently accessed programs on desktop (Computer, Word, Excel, Outlook, terminal server icon, VPN icon, accounting software if applicable)
  13. Confirm backup is working properly for the new user.
  14. Add drivers for mobile broadband card if needed
  15. Encrypt the laptop using bitlocker if required on that network
  16. Arrange the start menu per best practices (link to visual of best practices)
  17. Track computer's serial number in inventory spreadsheet and make sure user's name is noted as current user for computer

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