Friday, January 30, 2009

Changing NIC metric to make sure network adapter priortity is in correct order

I wrote about changing the order of network adapters to give wired adapters priority here. But since then, I've found a couple computers that still make the wireless their priority even though you tell it to make the wired the preferred adapter for internet traffic. The solution to that issue is to alter the metric for the wireless adapter. Logically, this shouldn't create a problem as the wireless should only ever be used when the wired is non-operational.

Here is how (in XP):

Start -> Run -> ncpa.cpl

Right click on the wireless adapter -> properties

Internet Protocol -> Properties

Click Advanaced

Uncheck automatic metric and put a value of 50 for the metric. Interestingly, a value of 10 did not work in my test, but 1000 did and so did 50. So I use 50.

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