Sunday, February 27, 2011

turning off autorenew of SSL certs on godaddy

Godaddy turns on autorenew for all its certificates. I found this set of instructions on how to disable autorenewal:

  1. Login to GoDaddy
  2. Click My Account on the top listing
  3. Click “Renewals” on the left side of the page
  4. In the menu that pops up, click “Payments & Renewing Items”
  5. This brings up the page “Payment Profile” where all auto-renew items are listed
  6. Click the “Auto” column header and look for any items turned “On”
  7. Check the box next to any “On” items and click “Auto Renew ” at the top
  8. On the right side of page, check “Disable Auto Renew” then “Save Changes”.

I'm re-posting this info from here:

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