Tuesday, October 4, 2011

sending as an alias on an Exchange server

There's no easy way to send as one of your aliases on an Exchange server. Let's say your primary email address is dave@abc.com with two aliases of helpdesk@abc.com and dave@xyz.com. Logic would say that you could add the FROM field in your Outlook message and put in one of your aliases. Well, this doesn't work.

There are two workarounds to allow you to send as your aliases. I'll describe them both and give links on how to implement them:

1) create a POP3 account in the local Outlook that does not ever actually POP anything and uses the SMTP info for the Exchange server and the email address for the alias

2) create a distribution list with a single member (the user). Assign send as permissions to that mailbox for the user and then the user can use the FROM field. The down side is that you might be adding many different fake distribution lists for each time a user needs to send as an alias.

Both solutions are lame, but I'll be implementing option 1 from this point forward.

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