Friday, January 4, 2013

H202 error on Quickbooks caused by DNS/network settings mismatch

This problem caused me hours and hours of headache.

I wanted to move my Quickbooks Pro 2010 database host from one server to another.  I had done everything right on the new host as far as I could tell:

  1. install the database only option on the new server
  2. update the Quickbooks version on the server to the most recent version (R16 as of the installation time)
  3. open up the necessary ports in the firewall (8019, 55338)
  4. share out a folder with the appropriate sharing and file/folder permissions
  5. Open the quickbooks database server manager and scan the appropriate folder were QBW files are stored

In this case, I was getting H202 folders over and over again no matter what I did.  I went through many wrong paths, but I eventually found the problem to be the static IP address I had set.  Even though every network setting matched the settings that DHCP provided to workstations, it still did not work.

The only change I made to get Quickbooks hosting to work was give this new server (a Win 2008 32 bit server) a DHCP reservation instead of a static IP address.  I don't know if this added A record entry in my SBS 2008 server that was required or there was some other property (no WINS on my network) - but that was the sole change I made.

As for what I was seeing (in case this helps others).

This is what I'd get in the ND file when running the QB database server manager (without opening the files - note that engine name ends in _18 even though I'm on QB 2010 which means it should end in _20 . . . this is normal):

FilePath=E:\quickbooks\Test Company.QBW

This is what the ND file would change to when I had static DNS in place:

FilePath=\\\quickbooks\Test Company.QBW

This is what the ND file changed to after being successfully opened once I had the DHCP reservation in place:


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