Monday, August 3, 2015

Setup of Dell branded Aruba wireless access points

These are the basic steps for setting up Dell branded Ariba wireless access points:

  1. connect to WLAN named "instant"
  2. open non HTTPS page
  3. will be redirected to
  4. log in as admin/admin
  5. in the top middle, click on edit next to the MAC address and give the WAP a new name
  6. in the top left under networks, click on New to create a new SSID
  7. Click on system in the upper right hand corner
    1. - change name to more descriptive name
    2. - Change time zone
    3. - Change preferred band to 5 Ghz
  8. Clicki on the admin tab and change the admin password
  9. Click on RF in the upper right hand corner
  10. - in band steering, change value to Force 5 Ghz
  11. in upper left hand corner under networks, delete the SSID of instant

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