Thursday, April 7, 2011

wireless autoswitch for disabling wireless on laptops when connected to the LAN

There's very little talk as far as I can about the problem of a wired laptop using its wireless connection even though it is actively wired. There is no scenario where you want your wireless to take precedence over your wired connection if both are available. But that is the default setting in Windows (wireless is preferred). And even if you make the wired connection the priority via this method:

If you're off the dock and not plugged in - and then sit back down at your dock, you'll still be wireless. I'm pretty sure it's also that way if you are wireless at home, put the laptop to sleep, and then come into the office and dock (wireless will take precedence). With Dell Latitude E Series laptops in ControlPoint, I found an option to disable the wireless when the wired connection is detected.

When working with a client's Toshiba Portege R600 who has very weak wireless within the office, I wanted to disable his wireless when wired but have it automatically re-enable when the wired connection is disconnected. I ended up using Wireless AutoSwitch XPV, which works exactly like I want it to. It's available here:

It costs $7.95 - which is a shame because it should be built into Windows.

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