Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Outlook for iPhones

On 1/29/15, Microsoft released a new iphone and Android app for email.  This app is listed as Microsoft Outlook (and should be the first choice when you search for "Outlook" in the app store) The Outlook app isn't that different from the native iphone mail app , but overall, I've learned to like the new Outlook app better.  The main selling points for me - 1) focused inbox (where the most important messages are listed together separate from most other stuff you get) and 2) one swipe delete (where it took a swipe and a press to delete in the native mail app for iphone), 3) a consolidated inbox (my Exchange, Yahoo, and gmail inboxes are all together instead of three separate inboxes).

I've created instructions for installing the new Outlook app and the setup of an Exchange account here:


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