Sunday, August 24, 2014

Setup for a new user on an existing computer - edited 8/24/14

Edited 8/24/14 - this is a list of things to do when creating a new user and adding him/her to an existing computer.

  1. Create user in Active Directory (and if applicable) separate server where mail is configured
  2. Add user to appropriate distribution lists (allstaff, etc)
  3. Boot up computer and as required, change the name of the computer to include the appropriate initials for the new user
  4. Install all applicable updates (for Windows and Office)
  5. Ensure all applicable programs are installed including (but not limited to):
    a. PDF995
    b. Adobe Acrobat Standard/Reader
    c. NitroPDF
    d. MS Project
    e. MS Visio
    f. TightVNC
    g. Skype
    h. Google Talk
    i. QuickBooks
    j. Malwarebytes
    k. Java
  6. Make sure MS Office is up to date on the applicable version for the organization
  7. Configure Outlook for company's mail server
  8. Confirm antivirus is installed and up to date
  9. Set up user for any shared staff calendars and/or contacts lists
  10. Configure VPN connection with access for all users and save username and password and put icon on desktop
  11. Add user as local administrator on new computer
  12. Put appropriate icons for frequently accessed programs on desktop (Computer, Word, Excel, Outlook, terminal server icon, VPN icon, accounting software if applicable)
  13. Add user to address book on company scan to email copier 
  14. Disable WLAN card when connected to wired ethernet if possible (configurable in device manager for Dell branded WLAN cards)
  15. Alter user's name on phone 
  16. Alter extension's voicemail to email properties 
  17. Make sure the user's phone is not forwarding to another person
  18. Confirm backup is working properly for the new user.
  19. Set up mobile broadband card
  20. Track computer's serial number in inventory spreadsheet and make sure user's name is noted as current user for computer

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